Freefall (Adam Hamdy) – Book Review

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The second book in the Pendulum series, and I must admit I was absolutely chomping at the bit to read this story. And boy was it worth it…

Wallace, having fled to Afghanistan to lay low for a while following the ordeal with Max Byrne as Pendulum, soon finds his vaguely quiet existence brutally interrupted when men are dispatched to erase him and his knowledge of Byrne and his motives.

Bailey, is sent to investigate a so called suicide that is hauntingly reminiscent of the Pendulum murders. He contacts Christine Ash, his American counterpart (and both major players in the first book).

But in keeping with the first story, this gritty thriller finds our players much damaged and paranoid following their part in the cracking of Pendulum.

Bailey is crippled with anxiety, using booze to numb his emotional turmoil following his harrowing near death experience, and Ash although outwardly strong is haunted by her horrendous childhood that’s been made public knowledge, the fissure in her armour ready to crack.

Between the 3 they unravel a much bigger hierarchy behind the late Pendulum that will have catastrophic consequences for all…

Old favourites from the first book make a big appearance too. Salamander and Danny return as the brilliantly resourceful (and less than kosher) duo, yet likeable and charismatic.

This genre of storytelling is driven by its action. The action is fast paced and relentless, I was desperate to power through this book and find out what the next page had in store for me.

The violence brutal, yet not jarring in the backdrop of Hamdy’s underworld. There were a lot of punches pulled in this book, I was absolutely gripped and there were some pretty big twists that I just didn’t see coming. I was genuinely saddened by some of the character outcomes, and can’t wait to see what happens to them all.

I love how gritty a picture Hamdy paints, and that no character is untouchable. All are flawed, and no one comes out unscathed. Unlike so many crime/thriller writers where their protagonists dust themselves off pretty quickly, Hamdy is authentic and well researched.

This book hooked me like a fish on a line, powerless to resist the ebbs and flows of the story.

The ending is perfectly set up for another tale. One which I can’t wait to dive into.

I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a review

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